Toe Touch

The toe touch is the most basic cheerleading jump. Your goal is to have pointed toes, straight legs, chest up, and you want your legs to be high. When your legs are above the hip level your jump is hyperextended. The best toe touches are always hyperextended. In this jump you want your arms in a T motion. This picture is a fantastic toe touch.


In a pike your legs are together right in front of you. You want to keep your toes pointed and legs above your hips [hyperextended]. Try not to snap your head forward. You also do not want your torso to come to your legs, instead you want your legs to come to your torso. When you perform the pike jump, you should face the side instead of the front. Just so the judges can see how high your legs are.


Have your legs up by your chest. And your arms out in a T. Do not kick your legs to your butt, but up to your chest. Like all the other jumps your toes should be pointed.


One leg is in a toe touch position and the other is bent to your side. Have pointed toes and make sure one of your legs in perfectly straight and the other bent to make a 90 degree angle.


One leg should be straight and right in front of you, like shown in the picture. The other leg should be directly behind you. Toes should be pointed and your arms should be in a touchdown.

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